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Take The Journey Alone

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The King is old. The kingdom is divided and the great Wizard Morcai is mustering an army atop Fire Castle. From every town in the land the call goes out for heroes to take up the quest for the Five Weapons of Power. Ancient artifacts of immense power capable of giving their wielder the power to be...king! You must heed this call but your quest will not be easy. You must leave your home with only a small supply of modest provisions and brave the Overland's dangers as you seek news and information of the Five Weapons of Power. Along the way you will brave harsh weather, get lost in unfamiliar terrain, encounter powerful and sometimes hostile strangers, enter new towns, visit great castles, make loyal friends and do deeds that will make you a legend. And only if you survive all that will you be worthy to vie for one of the Five Weapons of Power.

Journey To The Overland is a Solo Tabletop roleplaying game where you assume the role of a lone traveler journeying throughout the overland in search of five weapons of power. Play begins in your hometown which will be determined by the race you choose for your character- Human, Dwarf, Elf or Native Overlander. From there you will determine your characters starting characteristics, starting equipment and first daily action. Each day you must select a daily action that will either involve traveling, resting, working, training or visiting to obtain news and information , and much much more.

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